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Breath into Movement - Friederike Tröscher

Date: April 26-May 31, 2021
City: Online - Zoom
Teacher: FriederikeTröscher

Breath into Movement
Complexity grounded in Simplicity
online April 26 - May 31, mondays 5-6:30pm (except May 3, 6-7:30pm)

Breath allows us to experience the underlying and everpresent life-motion of widening - condensing, - expanding - contracting. This movement is present in our first cell as well as all the cells of our complex body.It is the ground to which we can orient. It is the starting point for the unfolding of komlex movement patterns and dynamics, which in turn rest in the simplicity of breath. This series focusses on early developmental movement and the fluids.
Fee per class: 10-25€
Classes are offered online via Zoom. Link is send on registration