New SME & IDME Programs starting in September!


SME Program 2022-24

Directed by Friederike Tröscher in collaboration with Nina Wehnert & Odile Seitz-Walser

Senses & Perception 1   -   Sept 8-11, 2022,  in Klein Jasedow

Skeletal System   -   Sept 13-23, 2022,  in Klein Jasedow

Organ System   -   Nov 24-Dec 1, 2022,  in Klein Jasedow

Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP)   -   Dec 4-11, 2022,  in Klein Jasedow

Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions & Equilibrium Responses (RRR)   -   April 18-24, 2023,  in Klein Jasedow

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IDME Program

Directed by Thomas Greil & Friederike Tröscher in collaboration with Odile Seitz-Walser & Nina Wehnert

The IDME program offers a very subtle and precise approach to observing infant movement patterns and inviting the child to move through them. It prepares participants to identify the earliest movement patterns and to interact effectively with infants so that they develop their potential as fully as possible.
The program is based on Body-Mind Centering®, focuses on early psychophysical development and how to support the evolution of infants from before birth to walking. We understand the child in his or her entirety, taking full account of his or her person, parents and family.

The IDME training starts with 4 courses from the SME program (Senses & Perception 1, Basic Neurocellular Patterns, Reflexes & Ontogenetic Development),
followed by 2 application courses beginning in October 2023.
Introductory workshops are held in Berlin: 30.5.22 and Bonn: 19.6.22

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moveus was founded in April 2007 by Jens Johannsen, Friederike Tröscher and Thomas Greil to host BMC® Certification Programs in Germany. The programs are licensed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and the School for Body-Mind Centering®.