Movement Research

4-day Workshop with Friederike Tröscher, Nina Wehnert & Jens Johanssen in Vussem 8th - 11th October, 2020

The smallest and the biggest
The most internal and the most expressive
Letting go into dance and expression

Dancing with the support of the physiological rhythms of particles, breathing, heart-beat, circulation, cells, fluids etc.

In these four days we will explore movement and expression based on the Body-Mind Centering® method of attuning to structure, function and process. Body-systems, developmental movement and embryology will be the backdrop of our research. Unfolding the smallest internal movement into dancing through space.

With Friederike, Nina and Jens, three very experienced BMC teachers will play with the multitude and the simple. They invite you to research your own world of movement and expression with them. An event that celebrates coming back to studio-time, to moving together and to investigating tastes, likes, preferences and challenges.

With these opportunities they also invite you to meet and play with the main teachers of moveus, the German licensed organization for BMC-trainings. In addition to moving, touching and being we will use our meeting to discuss and answer questions about the BMC-training, it’s range and benefits and the possible applications of the work.

Join Jens, Friederike and Nina from Thursday October 8th – Sunday the 11th in Mechernich-Vussem, a small village in the Eifel, an hour south of Cologne.

Thursday – Sunday 9.30 – 12.30 and 14.00 – 17.00 except Sunday, shorter lunch and end at 15.30. Friday- and Saturday-evenings will also have events as part of the course.

360,--€, Early Bird 320,--€ if registered by August 15th. (When participating in both Workshops 650,--€ and 600,--€ if registered by August 15th)

Teaching is in English and / or German, as necessary.

We will have to comply by the rules of distancing and hygiene as they will have developed by the time. We ask every participant to be conscientious and not participate in case of lingering colds or flu-like symptoms.

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