BMC® and Ecology

4-day Workshop with Friederike Tröscher und Jens Johannsen in Vussem, October 3rd – 6th, 2020

Using BMC-principles and practices exploring and shedding light on the meaning, reach and application of embodied anatomy, developmental movement and embryology.

In the time of the Corona-Pandemic it became clear that some of the benefits of being and living with self-awareness are key to strengthening our immune-system, to remain calm in times of challenge, to be aware of the environment in general and in specific as the direct world around us which we live in. Body-Mind Centering® provides a wide array of techniques and practices to develop consciousness and act in a supportive and significant way in this time and place.

“Ecology begins with the own body”. (Jerzy Grotowsky)

Perception of the inner environment comes with an awareness of chatter and unrestfulness in the stream of thoughts. The practice of breath-awareness and embodied anatomy are powerful in understanding our own inner habitual world and to get insight into the appearance and strengthening of emotional and mental tendencies and patterns. We reach a deeper understanding of how the identification with self-created patterns leads to hard boundaries and limitations in the ability to receive and respond to the environment with peace and space.

Touch is one of the main channels of communication we use. Touch can help to bring the constant physiological rhythms in the body into awareness and balance. Touch can identify spots and areas of holding, stress and pain. From there it can be used to dissipate and ease, to open and connect. Touch has so many benefits. It was a big loss in these past months to be very limited in touching others and being touched by them.

Open for all levels this workshop can also be an opportunity to get to know Jens and Friederike as the moveus-core-team and their way of working. Discussion and exchange about everyones’ experience and perspective is an intricate part of this workshop.

Saturday 3rd – Tuesday 6th of October, 2020; 6 hours daily between 9.30 and 17:30h. Additional evening events on Sunday and Monday after class.

360,--€, early bird rate 320,--€ if registered by August 15th 2020. (When registering for both workshops 650,--€ and 600,--€ if registered by August 15th)

Teaching will be in English and/or German, as necessary.

We will have to comply by the rules of distancing and hygiene as they will have developed by the time. We ask every participant to be conscientious and not participate in case of lingering colds or flue-like symptoms.

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