Dear Friend, Participant, interested Person,

we hope that you are healthy and in a place where you feel well during these extraordinary times.

At moveus we are adjusting the programs we offer to the present situation and cancelled all course until July. As the development of the Coronavirus pandemic is uncertain we will keep adjusting. Presently we hope for and plan to run the next courses of the SME training – Endocrine System & Nervous System. They are planned for late August and September. You find all information on our website.

All licensed organizations of certified BMC trainings worldwide are in contact with each other. Directors are in exchange, discussing and attempting to find good solutions for continuing our training programs and provide the courses that participants need to conclude their education and become certified.

We also slow down. Sit in the unexpected opening of time and space. Maybe it is a good moment to practice what we study and find support in the embodiement this work provides us with. May the limitations and hindrances to the lifestyle that we are used to also bring awareness to openings and potential for healthy change.

We wish you the best possible development for your personal situation, look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meet you again soon.

With love and appreciation,

Jens & Friederike

Here is a letter that Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen – founder of BMC – wrote as responds to the corona crisis.


NEW SME & PRACTITIONER programs have started in 2019

Who we are ?

moveus was founded in April 2007 by Jens Johannsen, Friederike Tröscher and Thomas Greil to host BMC Certification Programs in Germany. The programs are licensed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and the School for Body-Mind Centering.


Currently we are offering the following Programs…

1. The Somatic Movement Education Program (SME) lays the foundation for exploring the BMC material. It covers all the body systems and the basic developmental material. A new SME program will start in June 2019. more >>>

2. After the SME studies continue into the 
BMC Practitioner Program, which integrates and deepens the basic BMC material and also offers some advanced courses. This program is only open to people who finished the first two years. A new Practitioner Program has started in January 2019. more >>>


BMC on DVD and in books

If you would like to know more about Body-Mind Centering, we offer you our video about BMC and our specialized book. More information you will find in our webshop >>>



Our SME and Practitioner programs are held in 2 locations: Mechernich-Vussem (Cologne area)/Germany and Klein Jasedow (close to the Baltic Sea) /Germany
Both programs are directed by Friederike Tröscher and Jens Johannsen