Body-Mind Centering® Embodied Anatomy & Yoga Training

Embodied Anatomy is a deep, internal study of the body which goes beyond intellectual and experiential approaches. Movement is explored through the direct experience of our own body systems, tissues and cells. The learning process takes place not just in the mind, but in the body itself and the experience is integrated at the cellular level. In its application to yoga, Embodied Anatomy opens a door to the transformative aspects of yoga and takes asanas beyond a formulaic, external approach and into the subtleties of yoga practice. Initiating asanas in this conscious, embodied way allows you to freely execute each posture as an expression of your present internal state of being. Your yoga experience is then shaped by the fullness of your cellular involvement rather than dictated by your ability to complete an external form. Static positions transform into dynamic patterns of movement and you, as well as your practice, become enlivened.

There are fourteen courses in this program – twelve on the body systems and asanas and two on professional level subjects (movement repatterning and professional issues & competency).  The courses on the body systems and asanas may be taken individually in any order with no further commitment to the program.  The requirement for entry into these courses is a basic familiarity with yoga asanas.  No prior experience with Body-Mind Centering® is necessary.  To do the professional level courses, you must first complete a minimum of eight body systems courses plus the asana course. Participants who wish to complete the program and receive a Certificate in Embodied Anatomy and Yoga must take all courses in the program, do written and practical homework, do additional outside tutorials, and must have 200 hours of yoga practice (in addition to the hours in our program)



The Yoga Program is on hold right now. We will inform you as soon as possibleof new developments. Thanks.