BMC Practitioner Program has started in 2019

Directed by Jens Johannsen and Friederike Tröscher

This program is a continuation and builds on the foundations of the Somatic Movement Education program. It requires two additional years of study.
Besides courses that bring in mew material - like Embriology, Immunesystem, Breathing & Vocalization, Subcellular and others - themes covered are: Deepening personal embodiment, achieving greater subtlety in touch and repatterning skills, addressing psychophysical aspects, assessing clients, learning therapeutic approaches and developing skills as a professional.
Further it is an important aspect of the Practitioner program to combine, layer and interweave the developmental material with the body systems and learn to use the material in a more complex and process oriented way.

This 500+ hour program takes two additional years to complete. Graduates are qualified to deliver the work in therapeutic as well as educational context.

Moveus BMC Pract 2019-22 - Registration Form

Moveus BMC Pract 2019-22 - course info



This program is open only to BMC Somatic Movement Educators.

If you have more questions to the program, don't hesitate to contact us >>>