About moveus

moveus was founded in April 2007 by Jens Johannsen, Friederike Tröscher and Thomas Greil to host BMC® Certification Programs in Germany. The programs are licensed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and the School for Body-Mind® Centering to certify graduates of the BMC® Programs:

  • Somatic Movement Education SME  >>>
  • BMC® Practitioner Program  >>>

Jens, Friederike and Thomas have worked together since 2003, when they were part of the team starting the BMC Program in southern Germany. After this program they formed moveus.

Since we are committed to continue the work of BMC® in a pure form and with an international body of students we decided to hold the programs in Germany and teach them in English, for the time being. An IDME-program in German is being discussed.

More about Jens Johannsen, Friederike Tröscher and Thomas Greil


Help us to realize our moveus "Wishion"

moveus is intending to buy and create a place where the work finds ideal conditions to grow and deepen. Currently we are spending large amounts of money on rent for the locations we use. We think that with proper management and clear intention a place can be afforded that we can transform into a studio, office, session-room and a few accommodations. If you know of a place for sale or are interested in participating in this venture or would like to invest in it please get in touch with us.