Dear Friend, Participant, interested Person,

we hope that you are healthy and in a place where you feel well during these extraordinary times.

At moveus we are adjusting the programs we offer to the present situation and cancelled all course until July. As the development of the Coronavirus pandemic is uncertain we will keep adjusting. Presently we hope for and plan to run the next courses of the SME training – Endocrine System & Nervous System. They are planned for late August and September. You find all information on our website.

All licensed organizations of certified BMC trainings worldwide are in contact with each other. Directors are in exchange, discussing and attempting to find good solutions for continuing our training programs and provide the courses that participants need to conclude their education and become certified.

We also slow down. Sit in the unexpected opening of time and space. Maybe it is a good moment to practice what we study and find support in the embodiement this work provides us with. May the limitations and hindrances to the lifestyle that we are used to also bring awareness to openings and potential for healthy change.

We wish you the best possible development for your personal situation, look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meet you again soon.

With love and appreciation,

Jens & Friederike

Here is a letter that Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen – founder of BMC – wrote as responds to the corona crisis.



Body-Mind Centering Association

Body-Mind Centering Association Inc. BMCA is the international not-for-profit membership organization committed to the practise, education, and ongoing development of Body-Mind Centering with a strong belief in the profound effects of its experiential and collaborative process.

BMCA began in 1985 from an initiative by Ellen Barlow and Sara Vogeler. In subsequent years, it was developed into a professional organization through generous hours of voluntering and financial contributions from practitioners and supporters.

BMCA is a creative community of individuals dedicated to exploring, sharing, and expanding the Body-Mind Centering work.  Our members live all over the world, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle and Far East, and Australia.


  • provides support and services to its members,

  • promotes professional development,

  • publishes a newsletter and journal,

  • provides fiscal agency for somatic research grants for members,

  • holds conferences, and

  • is the conduit for communication and dialogue about Body-Mind Centering.

This includes:

  • maintaining high standards of professional competence and excellence;

  • supporting research and publication of materials relating to BMC;

  • providing resources, information and avenues of communication about BMC;

  • improving access to BMC; and

  • educating the public.




The names Body-Mind Centering and BMC are property of Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen and the School for Body-Mind Centering.

Graduates who completed a program with title in one of the licensed organization may use the name by becoming a professional member of the BMC-Association.