Ongoing SME PROGRAM 2017 - 2018


Through the study of each body system and the developmental movement process, participants learn the fundamentals of embodiment practices. Whilst working on ourselves and others, we embody the anatomy and physiology of our physical structures; we touch and are touched in partnering hands-on techniques; we use sound, vibration, verbal dialogue and more to access the body’s wonders. The experience of the inner tissues is brought to consciousness and taken into expression. The SME material has immediate applications to movement based disciplines— such as dance, yoga, sports, martial arts - and to other therapeutic modalities such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, bodywork and massage. 

All courses of the SME program can be taken as individual courses in any order - talk to us if you have questions about this!

This 500+ hour program requires two years of study. Graduates are qualified to use the work in educational contexts.

Courses & dates

Senses & Perception I  (22.-25.January 2017)
The Skeletal System  (27.January-6.February 2017)

The Organ System   (15.-22.June 2017)
Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP)  (25.June - 2. July 2017)

Reflexes, Reactions, Responses (RRR)  (9.October - 15.October 2017)
Ontogenetic Development  (18.-22. October 2017)

The Endocrine System  (25. - 29.January 2018)
The Nervous System  (1. - 8. February 2018)

The Fluid System  (30. April - 6. May 2018)
The Fascia & Ligamentous System  (9.-16. May 2018)

The Muscular System  (8. - 18. September 2018)
Competency, Professional Issues I   (20. - 22. September 2018)

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moveus BMC-SME 2017-18 - course info


This training is for you if you…

  • are inspired by the process of embodiment
  • want to develop ways to move in consciousness and presence
  • want to teach movement
  • and hands-on in any setting
  • are an artist or therpist and you want to include Body-Mind Centering® in your work.